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Ceramic welding repair equipment

Machine "MaKS”

“NPO MEGATEK” has developed and started full-scale production of machine for ceramic welding repair – "MaKS”, designed for hot ceramic repair of industrial furnaces’ refractory lining.

Machine "MaKS” is reliable, safe and convenient in operation of ceramic welding repair.

Machine allows to use all ceramic mixtures produced by “NPO MEGATEK” with productivity required in each specific case from 50 till 160 kg / hour in oxygen medium through the flexible pipeline and lance to the place of ceramic welding repair.

Basic technical characteristics of machine "MaKS":
 Properties of the equipment



The volume of the tank of repair material: effective



Pumping distance of repair material: up to



Dimensions, ¬×L×H



Weight of the equipment




“NPO MEGATEK” provides warranty and post-warranty service of machine.


Video Monitoring System “VMS” 

“NPO MEGATEK” produces video monitoring system “VMS” for performance of repair works in the hard-to-reach places of furnace and monitoring of condition of lining.
Video monitoring system consists of camera installed in the cooled case. Camera can be aligned manually under various angles 0°, 45° and 90° towards the axis of the case allowing observing inaccessible to direct visual monitoring zones of the furnace.

Video monitoring system is completed with color monitor and device recording digital signal received from video camera. 

Basic technical characteristics of "VMS"





 overall length


 from 1600 up to 2000

 length of the working part

 from 1200 up to 1700

 diameter of working part


 Weight without water



 Operating temperature, up to





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